Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Slainte 2011

A few years ago we looked around and said "Hey we're all getting really old, we need more young people here" (or something like that).

From this brilliant revelation came the idea of Slainte!  Originally, we wanted to call it "Who's Your Paddy?", but some non-irish lawyer pointed out to us a few trademark infringement issues.  Oh well.  From there it moved to "Where's Your Paddy?" and finally mercifully onto the new Slainte.

Slainte is a chance for the young to escape from the old.  It's a Thursday night young professionals Happy Hour.

Run by the effervescent Bridget Ward (she's practically my niece you know), this event is open to any young professional (or YP's as we call them)coming to Irish Fest on Thursday night. (For YP's, Thursday night is ALMOST Friday night so why are you at home?)

YP's between the age of 21-35 can gather at the Crossroads area on Thursday night  from 6:30-8:30.  Entrance to the event is free with an invitation (get yours right here) and if you have a smartphone (show me a YP that doesn't!) you can download the invite right to your phone with it's own little QR code and get into the event. Voila! 

 Right now all the OP's are asking  "What the Hell is a QR code?" which is exactly why old professionals aren't invited.

Each YP will get a couple of free beers compliments of our friends at MillerCoors.  as well as some great door prizes and games of bag toss while listening to the Celtic rock band Reilly.

It's a great place for YP's to get together on the grounds, and not have to hear the following phrases: New hip, knee replacement, PSA number and colonoscopy.

Slainte 2011 - reason #3,921 to come to Irish Fest on Thursday night.

I'll be on the other side of the fence looking in . . . . . .

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